Here at NDSS we have a variety of student clubs. Below you’ll find a list of the clubs, the sponsor teacher in charge, along with details on when and where that club meets. If you have additional questions regarding a club, please email the sponsor teacher.

Student Council

Sponsor Teacher: Lisa Brockley
Meets in room 207 Tuesdays at lunch

Google Classroom Code: pkhe7o5

Grad Council 

Sponsor Teacher: Lisa Brockley

Google Classroom Code: zkxej7e

Sexuality and Gender Awareness 

Sponsor Teacher: Teresa Al-Hajj

Meets weekly at lunch on Wednesdays in room 140

Global Committee

Sponsor Teacher: Samantha Marriot

Meets Wednesday at lunch in room 128

Google Classroom Code: 4e7otjx

D&D Club

Sponsor Teachers: Melissa Kullman & Dan Parker

Meets Fridays at 2:00 in the library

Dance Team

Sponsor Teacher: Kelly Barnum

Currently full, please see Ms. Barnum next semester


Sponsor Teacher: Jacob Hardy

Tuesday/Wednesdays 3-4pm in room 300


  • School Information

  • Principal: Liana Appelt

    Vice Principal: Shawn Shahi

    Vice Principal: Stephen Epp 

    Head Secretary: Tina Walsh 

    Student Population: 1630