Updated information: February 2024

Course selection guides, videos, and helpful instructions are located through the links below.

My Ed BC Instructions

Course Selection for 2024-25

(Please note: you will be viewing the course selection guide and video for next year’s courses. Example; current grade 9’s will need to click on the grade 10-12 link below)

Grade 8/9

Grade 10-12

  • NDSS School Counsellors

  • Not sure who your school counselor is? Check the list below:

    Last names: A-Bun, Francophone & Arrow

    Paul Wright   email:

    Last names: Bur-Gra

    Graham Giske   email:

    Last names: Gre-L

    Heather Arnold    email:

    Last names: M-Rosen

    Melissa Tolsma   email:

    Last names: Ross-Z

    Kathleen East   email: